Did you know ? EURO-SYMBIOSE offers you the course « Training of Trainers » in order to learn how to lead training courses efficiently.

This training is aimed at anyone wishing to become a trainer and doesn’t require any pre-requisites.


1. Share your knowledge with pedagogy


Communicating your knowledge effectively, facilitating appropriation by the trainees, creating a dynamic with the group, etc. are the skills needed to conduct effective training. As a trainer, you will have to develop these soft skills.

This is why our experts share with you methods and technics that have been field-proven through EURO-SYMBIOSE training practice for more than 30 years. They will teach you how to design, structure and deliver high-impact training courses to facilitate the engagement of your learners and promote application in the field.

This training will enable you to :

  • Know and apply our pedagogical model « 3A » for the design and delivery of new face-to-face training modules:

           – Activity: Participants work in teams to discover the concept to be retained.

           – Appropriation: The work allows participants to appropriate the key idea from which the theory will be derived.

           – Application: Participants apply the teaching to the context of their company or even directly in the field.

  • Know how to listen to customer needs in order to propose an adapted training offer.



2. A program with theory and practice :


Day 1 :

  • The structure of a training module: Ice-Breaker / pedagogical sequences / closing activity.
  • How to run an Ice breaker: the characteristics of a good Ice-Breaker, the main Ice-Breakers used, role-playing situations.
  • The pedagogical progression of a training course: discovery of the 3A pedagogical model, examples of application, preparation and implementation of mini teach.
  • The closing activity of the training course: the characteristics of a closing activity, examples of closing activities, role-playing.


Day 2 :

  • The behavioral qualities of the training facilitator (reminders).
  • Designing and developing a new training module: drawing up the specifications, writing the script, developing the teaching material.
  • Situational exercises.
  • « My progress plan ».

Are you interested in this training course ? Register now for our next session on 15 and 16 July 2021 in Nantes.

For more information, feel free to contact us at +33 251 131 300 or by e-mail: muriel.gueret@euro-symbiose.fr


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